Formerly known as the town of Tabuko, the municipality’s name Cabuyao originated from Kabuyaw – a local tree found in the municipality whose fruit was then used as shampoo. It was changed by a Father Velin, a Franciscan friar, during the Spanish Era.
The town was located near the corner of a river and the lake of Ba-i which made bancas or raft as the common means of transportation. When the Franciscan priest came to Tabuko, there were many native females doing their laundry chores near the wharf where the boat of the Franciscan docked. There were many trees of “kabuyaw” growing around the area. So when the priest asked for the name of the place, the native females readily answered “Kabuyaw” thinking that the priest was asking for the name of the trees growing around the wharf. From then on, the priests and other Spanish officials called the town of Tabuko as Kabuyaw.
Made as the center of government by the Spaniards, the town was originally composed of Malabanan, presently known as Binan, Sta. Rosa de Lima and Calamba. The first town Mayor was Captain Sotero Batallones, who was appointed during the American Era. Like other Filipinos, the people of Cabuyao fought side by side with the Americans for liberation from the Japanese and has been successful in retrieving command. Because of this, town was already under the control of guerilla under the leadership of Col. Nicolas Santiago. The town of Cabuyao has been governed by twenty one (22) Mayors and at present is under the leadership of HON. ROMMEL GECOLEA, who was elected in 2016.